Avengers 5 Theory

Avengers 5 Theory

Avengers 5 is most likely, at least, a few years away. With Phase 4 of the Wonder Cinematic Cosmos not even set to begin up until November with the launch of Black Widow, it is difficult to guess as to what might take place in the eventual sequel. That said, a brand-new follower theory has emerged that suggests Hunk will become the bad guy, essentially turning into a World War Hulk adaptation.

The concept was shared on r/FanTheories Reddit page by customer u/smileimhigh. The article assumes that Avengers 5 will be a loose adaptation of the World War Hunk story. It boils down to Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner harboring some problems connected to the occasions of Avengers: Endgame. Those ill-feelings will, per this concept, create Hunk to take the vehicle driver's seat once more, causing the Avengers requiring to take down Hunk. The theory reads as complies with. "I don't have much evidence so this isn't the best theory but ... Banner damaged his arm and Natasha passed away, after that Tony obtains all the credit report for the success when it was Hulk that broke as well as brought everyone back. Banner has anger problems, despite Ruffalo's variation being chill, it's still in his history. I see it similar to this: Banner obtains depressed, begins believing if only I was as solid as I got on Sakaar I might have snapped and brought Natasha back and/or beat Thanos and conserve her from needing to sacrifice herself. This leads to the 'Evil one' Hunk appearing which in the MCU will primarily be a cruel terrible version of the very strong Globe Breaker Hunk brought on by Banner's shame as well as temper."

For those strange, World War Hunk was published by Wonder Comics in 2007 and also grabs in the results of Earth Hulk. This storyline was freely adapted in Thor: Ragnarok. The follow-up sees Hulk going back to Earth to fight on his fellow heroes as they eliminated him to room to begin with. It develops into a full-scale, destructive battle as Iron Guy, Reed Richards, Physician Strange as well as Black Screw are on the wrong end of Hulk's rage.

In the MCU, Bruce Banner went back to Earth without ill-will towards the Avengers following his remain on Sakaar. Banner cautioned them regarding the approaching arrival of Thanos and also ultimately integrated the two sides of his individuality, as we saw in Endgame. This concept recommends that the fragile equilibrium is quite efficient in being disturbed.

In the meantime, all that has actually been said officially regarding Avengers 5 is that it will certainly take place which it will include an extremely different team, per Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige. As for when we could see it? Disney has its Marvel slate scheduled up via 2022. At the extremely earliest, it would be sometime in 2023. So we've obtained a long time to see if this concept has any kind of truth to it.

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